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Scott McPherson, Director General, Crime, Policing and Fire Group

"We are also always seeking to improve how we do things including through modern ways of working and by ensuring we have a culture that is ‘inclusive by instinct’..."

Scott McPherson, Director General, Crime, Policing and Fire Group


I am delighted you are interested in this exciting and important role.

This recruitment site provides some background information about the Home Office, the Director of Fire & Resilience role, and the skills and experience we are seeking. 

But I wanted to start with my personal take on why this job matters, as well as a bit about me and the team you would be joining.

I have been a civil servant for over 20 years and before joining the Home Office last year I had worked in four very different departments. Like other areas of government, people here share a commitment to public service and benefit from fantastic career opportunities.

We are also always seeking to improve how we do things including through modern ways of working and by ensuring we have a culture that is ‘inclusive by instinct’ so people from every background can thrive.  As a member of my management board you would contribute to achieving this change across the whole group.

Since arriving in November, I have been particularly struck by how our work makes a positive difference to the lives of people across the country. In my wider group that includes protecting people from domestic abuse, tackling modern slavery or reducing the harmful impacts of drugs and alcohol.

The successful candidate for this role will be responsible for driving forward an ambitious agenda for the 45 fire and rescue services in England that employs 33,049 full time equivalent firefighters. Fire and rescue services are responsible for protecting the communities and cover a range of roles across: response; prevention and protection.

This is a new role that will bring together existing teams currently spread between other directorates, as well as developing new capabilities. I am creating the directorate for two reasons: firstly, to recognise the importance of Fire and Rescue Services, particularly in context of the Grenfell fire and the reforms that are likely to result from the current public inquiry; secondly, to strengthen the department’s capability to prepare for and respond to both planned and unexpected events.

The Director will have a personal leadership role in relation to Fire and Rescue Services across England – working closely with the Chair of the National Fire Chief Council and fire chiefs, as well as representing the Home Office in our relationships with other government departments and local authorities.

I want someone who will bring passion and energy to shaping the culture of a new directorate so that everyone is able to work to their full potential. You will also ensure that the team achieves consistently high standards in its policy development and delivery, recognising that success is ultimately about how we protect the public.

I hope you will apply, and I am happy to discuss the role in more detail with any candidate.


Scott McPherson
Director General, Crime, Policing and Fire Group

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