Executive Recruitment

Diversity & Inclusion

Our priorities are to prevent terrorism, cut crime, control immigration, promote growth and transform the Home Office. Creating a diverse and inclusive Home Office is imperative to achieving these objectives.

Everyone in our workforce is unique and brings their own individual perspectives. We represent different age groups, socioeconomic backgrounds, faith and beliefs. To gain the benefits of this diversity we must embed an inclusive culture where everyone feels comfortable voicing their own opinions and ideas.

Creating an inclusive and diverse department focuses on supporting the wider ambition of creating a ‘Brilliant Civil Service’ and becoming the UK’s most inclusive employer.

Home Office Positive Action Statement

The Home Office is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all staff. We will not discriminate on grounds of gender, gender identity, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief, age, those with caring responsibilities, part time workers or any other factor irrelevant to a person’s work.

We encourage a diverse workforce and aim to provide a working environment where all staff at all levels are valued and respected, and where discrimination, bullying, promotion of negative stereotyping and harassment are not tolerated.

Assessment for recruitment, selection, appraisal, training and career progression purposes are based both on the individual’s ability and suitability for the work. We are committed to providing all staff with opportunities to maximise their skills and achieve their potential, offering flexible working arrangements wherever possible.

As a public authority the Home Office has statutory duties placed on it that require it to promote equality of opportunity and eliminate unlawful discrimination. We expect all staff to assist the Department in meeting these obligations. All staff should have due regard for the need to promote good relations between individuals from different groups and work towards achieving equality of opportunity for all.

The Home Office has concluded that membership of any group or organisation that promotes hatred in its philosophy, aims, principles or policies based on gender, gender identity, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief is incompatible with the work and values of the Home Office.