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As one of the UK’s most complex, high-profile, data-rich organisations, there is considerable scale and variety to what the Home Office does, not to mention significant public interest in its success. 

Operating in an acute and constantly changing political landscape, its fundamental role in keeping Britain’s streets safe and its borders secure is well known.  What’s less well known is that the Home Office is fast becoming one of the UK’s most sophisticated users of technology, challenging technical, operational and data norms to consistently achieve customer service and operational excellence whilst preserving people’s freedoms and civil liberties and protecting citizens from terrorism. 

The Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) function within the Home Office is at an exciting point of evolution. Since 2010, the delivery of technology services within the UK government has been radically transformed, in particular relating to the relationship with large suppliers. Major changes were implemented to enable departments to take back control of the design, build and/or operate aspects of their key technology services wherever appropriate. In many cases, such changes enable optimised economics, greater leverage of niche suppliers with deep subject matter expertise, better understanding and management of technical risk and greater agility and responsiveness to evolving business needs.

Within the Home Office, as our large multi-year contracts expire, we are leveraging these opportunities. Whilst we still use a very large cross-section of 3rd party partners for various aspects of the systems and services lifecycle, we are letting smaller contracts, and increasingly assuming direct responsibility for service delivery and integration.

DDaT function is made up of around 1,500 staff, augmented by a large number of supplier partners. Every year our systems support over 3 million visa applications, checks on 100 million border crossings, 5 million passport applications and 140 million police checks on people, vehicles and property.

The DDaT function is constructed as shown below:

Why join DDaT?

  • Because what we do is important and impacts us all.  We deliver joined-up, business-critical technology in a regulated, data-rich environment.  We’re working on some of the most complex, high profile technology projects in the UK;
  • Because we work with the best technology industry has to offer.  As we transition to a disaggregated supplier base, we can be truly innovative and agile, delivering industry leading capability and functionality through exploitation of open standards, source and data;
  • Because we have some of the best technologists in industry.  The Home Office is a highly stimulating, challenging place to work and many high-calibre commercial people are thriving in our environment;
  • Because the challenge is intellectual.  We deliver inter-dependent business critical technology in a continued service environment where the stakes are high but the rewards immense. 
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